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escapes-headInternational businessman, storyteller and media persona, Charles Woollett aka: Philip Barrington (pen & media name) was born to travel. Son of an airline pioneer, CPBW began his adventures by the age of two. Schooled in Australia, Canada and Hawaii; he has been fortunate to experience some 131 cities in 31 countries throughout his journeys. Having lived most recently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Costa Rica, (his social column appeared in the CR Times).

He now resides in NW Arkansas working for BMW. His wife Linda and their two dogs, Buddy and Bentley enjoy living by the lake in beautiful Bella Vista. Through his articles, Philip enjoys sharing his travels and culinary experiences, which are meant to indulge in the pleasures of travel and leisure, tempting the senses and palates. In business, Charles enjoys rising to the challenge, being the ultimate creative mind, as a Business Developer, Conceptual thinker &- Persuasive communicator. To learn more visit: