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Business Development

We work to developed business introductions through industry and personal associations. CPBW has developed relationships with Hi-Tech, Travel, Film, Broadcasting, Hotel/Resort and Restaurant businesses, in markets around the world. Meeting their needs on an individual basis from, small start-up funding, intermediate financing, strategic alliance opportunities and merger acquisitions. Knowledge is Power. We seek the knowledge and turn it into Power.



Our marketing initiative starts with a collaborative process by meeting the companies team, evaluating their existing and potential strategies in management, sales and marketing. We will design and implement the new objectives, targeting financial goals and new growth areas. Implementing these goals through a well devised set of strategic plans, will ultimately culminate in a clear, precise and positive end result.



Someone once said, "there is nothing new in advertising" - it is all just recycled and re-targeted with a new tag line. We believe what should be new is 'the way of thinking'. The message and it's execution, aliened with a clear understanding and over all perception by the public, is key. Powered by a creative enthusiasm that reflects the company, it's philosophy, it's workers and ultimately benefiting the end user. We bring these elements of how clients want to see their gardens grow, through innovative flourishing advertising and communication campaigns.


Public Relations

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. At CPBW we believe that public perception is nine tenths of the law and inexplicably linked to the values of every individual in the company from the bottom up. If your employees are not happy, chances are neither are your clients. Our aim is to evaluate the 'smile' quotation and develop a ‘team spirit’ that is reflective of a positive, fun-loving energy.


"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain