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Linda Kay & Philip Barrington



Buddy is an English, Springer Spaniel puppy, full of energy and adventure. Ching is a Shi Tzu, an ancient descendent of wise old Monks in Tibet. From the Himalayan Mountains to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, a touching story of how two dogs meet and become best friends. One is old and wise with magical powers, the other young, abandoned and full of questions.

"The World Adventures of Buddy & Ching" is a collection of world adventures in a series of children's books, about geography, animals from different countries and loving companionship. The moral of each story: 'love who you are'. Both manuscripts and illustrations are in the hands of our literary & film agent, in the hopes of being available soon in both book and film mediums. For more information please contact us at:

Love Who You Are - Video Trailer of First Book