Charles Woollett - President

Venture capital development, promotion, marketing and production require the skills of a creative, conceptual thinker ... one who is an exceptional persuasive communicator. Charles exhibits these qualities with atypical international sensibility and experience: "Connecting Business 2 Business" around the globe.

Such connections have included: promotion and marketing campaigns for Regent International Hotels in Hong Kong, Sidney and Fiji; raising venture capital for Canadian companies from sources in Europe and the United States; and web video production for Costa Rican clients.

Throughout his professional career, Charles has directed a wide variety of marketing, advertising, and communication campaigns. As a master in public relations and business development, raising venture capital and forming strategic alliances, Charles has played key roles in various start-up companies. Among these are: ViaVis (hi-tech VIOP innovators), Peer One Network (wireless communication), Lightyear Inc. (Nano technology) and Transparent Visibility LLC (new rfid technology)

In 6 months, he closed $10 million in real estate sales (resort developments in Mexico and Costa Rica).

Charles has served as executive director for 5-star cruise agency, Cruises by Design and promotions director for Land Rover of Canada. Additionally, Charles is experienced in film production as an Associate Producer for: Doran Associated Productions in London, England and Knightsbridge Productions, in Western Canada. He was an "on-air" radio personality and broadcast producer in Eastern Canada and in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Forrest Geiger - SEO Web Site Marketing

Forrest, for almost the last decade, has perfected the art of optimizing web sites and is by himself in a very elite group of people globally who know this craft. Many business owners, even businesses who rely on their world-wide-web presence, don't know or don't understand what web-site optimization really means, or can do for them. Let's just put it this way, if you have a website sitting out there in cyberspace that isn't optimized - we'll you are in deep space - lost to the rest of the internet world. It would be like printing up 50,000 beautiful brochures about your company, and then putting them into a closet! You have to distribute your brochures, and you have to "distribute" your web site on the internet. That is where "optimization" comes in.

Forrest's expertise, translates into hundreds of customers internationally that now know what a well optimized web site can bring - more exposure = more business. Optimizing web-sites anywhere from five to fifty thousand pages or more, takes wisdom, borne from experience, and time. But, it is worth every penny in making your web site visible, relevant and predominant in the world of Google searches. Forrest is the search engine optimization professional you would want on your web-site team. Having personally known Forrest since he first started exploring "this international chess game", as he puts it, is an honor. To be working with him and recommending him to our clients, we are confident that every business owner will be also better off for using the "Opti-man", as we affectionately call him - a credit to the CPBW Team.

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Linda Kimball - Executive Director

Linda brings to CPBW her multi-million dollar 'Top Producer' sales achievements in real estate and project development. With twenty five plus years of experience in related fields from Dallas, Taos, USA (Executive Director MLS Assoc) to Los Cabos, Mexico, her knowledge in the General Real Estate, Contractor, Commercial & Private sectors of property investment, brings a new, exciting and strong arm to the team.

She has been tireless in her charity and community involvements with such organizations as the Susan G. Komen & United Cerebral Palsy foundations. A world traveller with international perspectives, Linda is an effective communicator, strategic planner, brilliant at executing special events and the ultimate diplomat.

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Laurie Shannon - Information System's Consultant

Laurie is a Consultant for Information Technology. Having started with IBM back in the mid 70's has developed a strong & comprehensive knowledge of computer systems, including; software testing, project management, software/hardware integration, graphic design, document processing, administration and has gained her technical expertise throughout North America and Europe.

Her understanding of marketing, programming, various operating systems, software, hardware, communications integration, training and consulting, include associations with; Philips Information Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Spar Aerospace, Air Canada, United Airlines, Oracle, Interleaf, Hewlett Packard, Wang, AES, Micom, Xerox and IBM.

As an independent consultant and now team member of CPBW International, she brings a wealth of information to any clients seeking technical support, project management, sales & marketing administration.

She speaks, French fluently, some German and Dutch and resides in Vancouver, Canada. Laurie was educated in Boston, Holland and Montreal with B.A.'s in Psychology & Computer Science from Concordia & McGill Universities and received the prestigious 1992 award for, "Canadian Technical Analyst" of the year, presented by Interleaf, USA

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Donald Fayles - Financial Consultant

We are pleased to announce and welcome Don to the team. His exceptional financing and strategic planning experience will be of tremendous benefit to anyone seeking his expertise. For over forty years and since 1994 he has been an independent financial consultant and Managing Principle for a number of different companies focusing on restricting or dissolving trouble organizations. Prior to that, Don worked as the Chief Administrative Officer for First Los Angeles Bank - a $1.3 billion regional institution - directing financial and strategic planning, marketing, MIS applications and compliance procedures. And again as Chief Administrative Officer for Financial Corporation of America (subsidiary of American Savings) - a $3 billion commercial mortgage-banking firm - directing accounting, loan administration, MIS, marketing and HR. Someone with Don's financial background is an asset to our credo; of being dedicated to the partnering and organizing of relationships for businesses who's synergies will ultimately result in the expanded growths, market share, competitiveness and profitability's of their combined alliances. To find out more and how Don can help you navigate the complex world of finance contact us/him today. (By the way he loves his violin more than his head shot).

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